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Breakpoint App Setup: Add Player(s) to a team

Once a team is created, the captain wants to add players to her team. Here are the instructions to add players to the team:

1. Click on the team link where you want to add players.

2. Go to Team Page (Navigation panel on the left)

3. Click on Add Players

4. Enter one or more email addresses. Use comma-separated, space-separated, or one email address per line.

5. Click Next.

6. Modify Player's name. The name you want to call out for that player.

7. Add players to the team



Step 4: Enter one or more email address:,

Step 5: After step 5, it will look like below:



Step 6: In step 6, you can modify name of the players. The recommended format should be Firstname Lastname:

John Smith

Jim Smith


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