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Breakpoint App Setup: Create a team

The first thing a captain would want is to create a team. In Breakpoint App, a captain need to sign up before creating a team.

After sign up,

1. Click on New team.

2. Fill up the following information:

  • Name: Name of the team. It is recommended to use team specific names.
  • Team distribution email address: This is a team distribution list. Anyone can send email to this distribution list and the email will go to all active players on the team. 
  • Starting When?: The league start date. It could be the start date of the season.
  • Time Zone: Use your time zone based on your location.
  • Singles Matches: Input the number of singles matches that your league has. Input "0" for no singles matches.
  • Doubles Matches: Input the number of doubles matches that you league has. Input "0" for no doubles matches. 

3. Save team



Name: Northeast-3.5

Distribution Email address: northeast-35

Starting When?: 03/13/2014

Time Zone: Eastern

Singles: 2

Doubles: 3



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