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What's new in Breakpoint App!

Thanks for using Breakpoint App! In Breakpoint App, we are committed to strive for simple and clean user experience.

Captain to set team member's availability

Sometime players sends text, offline email about their availability for one or more matches. Breakpoint App will now allows captains to set team member's availability.

1. Click on "Who can play?" link for the match. 

2. Select player(s).

3. Click on "Yes", "MayBe", "No" button for the selected player(s) accordingly.

Import Schedule (From USTA)

Once USTA schedule is published on tennis link, you can now import them as simply in a single click. 

1. Go to Matches page.

2. Click on Import Matches.

3. Enter your USTA team number and the year.

4. Click on Import.

Note: Sometime USTA publishes schedule with time not being actual. Please make sure that you edit the match and time is up-to-date.

Add Note for Captain

Now a player can leave a note for the captain when recording her match availability. The purpose of this note is to let captain know a little more about your response. e.g. Available for singles time only, can't play line #2, call me for last minute change etc. 

You can find Add note near Yes/Maybe/No button.

1. Click on Add note.

2. Write some brief text for the captain. Be mindful about the length of the note, Be as much short and precise.

3. Click Save note.

Your note is available to captain and co-captain only. Captains will have this note available when working on the lineup.



Lineup Email will now have an iCalendar file attached, "match.ics". This is a calendar file and can be saved to mail clients. This is really helpful for players to sync their calendars and remind themselves about the upcoming match. A few things, the captains should make a note:

1. The start time will be match's start time and end time will be 3 hours from the start time.

2. The iCalendar file will have information about start time, location and comments for the match.

3. Please see best practices to add match so to make the best use of iCalendar file.


Send Email to selected players when in need for more players

Breakpoint App now allows to re-send availability request email to selected players.

As a captain you send request availability email. But, after certain time you are still in need for more players in order to set your lineup for the match. In such case, the captain wants to send email to selected players such as players who hasn't responded yet or the players who said No and could change their plan.

Here are the instructions:

1. When you are on Matches page, click on "Who can play?"

2. You shall see the players grouped based on their availability.

3. If you are still in need for more players, you can select a group of players or certain players and send them Player request email.


We welcome any feedback from captains and players.

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